Focus On Middle School Geology Student Textbook

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Focus On Middle School Geology Student Textbook introduces young students to the scientific discipline of geology. Students will learn about the many branches of geology; the steps in the scientific method; tools and equipment used by geologists; rocks, minerals, and soils—how they are formed and what they are made of; the various layers inside Earth and how they function; the dynamic Earth—plate tectonics and the formation of mountains, volcanoes, and earthquakes; the atmosphere—its layers and composition; the hydrosphere, including the hydrologic cycle, oceans, freshwater, and human interactions; the biosphere—its cycles and ecosystems; magnetism, Earth’s magnetic field, and the magnetosphere; Earth as a system and Earth System Science; and more.  

The Focus On Middle School Geology Student Textbook has ten full color chapters with many illustrations and includes a glossary and pronunciation guide at the back of the book.  112 pages

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